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February 21, 2017
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May 7, 2017

Simply building a business or a website will not get enough attention anymore. It may have worked before, but 2017 is the start of something different. The reality is that 90% business owners plan to increase digital marketing spending this year.

The question is, what will you do to attract more potential customers and grow your business this year?

If you don’t have a marketing team due to a limited budget, you can, at least, use great tools to improve your marketing efforts. To help you reach that goal this year, I have listed tools that will enhance your digital marketing strategies:

1. Lifecycle.io

What’s more convincing than a personalized and targeted email or text message? Autosend helps to deliver emails and text messages to visitors based on their behavior on your website. Whether they join your mailing list, purchase products or services, read a particular article, you can use Autosend to send a personal message to them.

What’s more, Lifecycle.io can deliver these messages through integration with some of the services that you probably use.

2. BuzzSumo

How to identify which topics or ideas spark your audience’s interests? Or which contents are they eagerly looking for? BuzzSumo will help you research just that;

Simply key in a keyword or backlink to BuzzSumo’s search tool, and you’ll be amazed to find tons of data about how previous contents appealed to the target audience.

3. ReferralRock

Word of mouth has worked well before, and it still does until now. Getting someone to talk about your products or services can give your brand so much attention and traffic.

One way to make someone talk about you is through referral. ReferralRock will help you build that referral program that you need, literally, within minutes. You just need to insert few details, make a snippet, and your referral program is ready to go.

4. Mention

Do you ever wonder what people are saying about your brand? This is as important as reading analytics reports when it comes to learning about how to position your brand within the target market. Mention keeps tracks of keywords, key phrases, and brand names in real time. This allows you to develop ideas and strategies to improve your brand awareness.

5. Oktopost

Having difficulties in managing your social media marketing activities? You’ll have to reach and engage your audience on a regular basis. Oktopost will help you manage all of your social media accounts within one dashboard. It makes it easier to see all activities including shared contents, post status updates, and social media engagement.

6. Tropical

Getting to know your customers deeper requires knowledge of what they are doing, what they are clicking on, what type of services they use, their contact information, or what they are buying. But to gather this information it requires a great deal of time and resources. Say you have 1000 customers? Tropical will help you gather all the essential information about your customers without any hassle.

7. Picreel

Convert your visitors into paying customers with Picreel. An outstanding service that helps to capture visitors by displaying an irresistible offer when they are leaving your website. There is no guarantee that visitors will purchase your products or services on their first visit, so it is better if you can make them join your mailing list or offer them something for free.

8. VWO

A/B testing is a great way to learn what works and what does not on your website and sales funnel. Use VWO to learn if your headlines spark interest, whether your website design offers great user experience, or identify the contents that create the most engagement.

9. Socedo

Looking for quality leads with Twitter and LinkedIn? Use Socedo to easily find them. Simply key in hashtags, keywords, or phrases related to your business, and Socedo will find the right prospects for you. The tool also offers a variety of services to improve you social media activities on LinkedIn and Twitter.

10. Uberflip

Sometimes you might not have sufficient time and resources to develop new contents. Content curation will help you stay engaged with your visitors. You can add your own call to action within curated contents. Uberflip will help you convert readers and visitors into potential customers by driving them to your website from curated contents.

11. Canva

Are you good with graphic design? Are you not?

It’s okay. We’ll not tell anyone about it, nor teach you how to do it. Canva can help you develop beautiful and engaging graphics that your readers will love. Use their templates and stock images to impress your visitors and turn them into a loyal audience.

12. Ope.nr

Social media has so many people, making it an ideal place to search for prospective customers. Ope.nr makes it easy to make a personalized link and it lets you drive traffic to your preferred landing page. You can easily add a special call to action window on curated contents that you shared to your readers.

13. Person

Developing irresistible engagement your audience can be a hard task. It can take you days and weeks to know exactly identify and understand your buyer persona.

Person will help you define just that, in an easy-to-use framework. You will be able to create lightweight, informal personas that will define who your prospects are.

14. Fullcontact

Fullcontact is another great tool for collecting important information from your customers. It crawls and collects information from all around the web. This will help you build a genuine relationship with your customers because you know exactly whom you’re communicating with.

Do you use other marketing tools to build outstanding marketing strategy or collection quality leads? Are there any of your favorite tools listed here? Share it with us by commenting below.

Naven Pillai
Naven Pillai
Digital Marketing Analyst at Exposureville. You can find me online, tweeting about current trends in digital marketing industry, or playing Football Manager. Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.

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