Naven Pillai’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup #1

Naven Pillai’s Weekly Social Media Marketing Roundup #1
May 25, 2017
Naven Pillai’s Weekly SEO Roundup #2
May 30, 2017

Hi everyone,

I’ve been on a writing spree for the past few days and this is my fourth roundup at This weekly roundup focuses on the top articles on content marketing from the past week. If you never had the chance to read my previous roundups, take a look at them now:

Naven Pillai’s Weekly SEO Roundup #1

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Naven Pillai’s Weekly Social Media Marketing Roundup #1


As for today, let’s move on to the list of highly valuable content marketing articles of the past week.


8 Content Marketers to Follow in 2017

Content marketing is essential for any digital marketing efforts. Content is crucial for online marketing today as that’s the only way you can provide detailed information on how you can solve potential customers problems. In this article, you can find out the top content marketers to follow and get inspired.


7 Things Successful Content Marketers Do Differently

Have you ever had the doubt with your content marketing strategies? Did you realize your competitors are outperforming you? It’s all about how you perform your content marketing differently than others. In this article, discover the seven things successful content marketers do differently to stay ahead.


The Real Reason Employees Aren’t Sharing Your Content

Content marketing is here to stay forever because it works. Your employees are you, internal customers, where they act as advocates and brand ambassadors for your company. Employee advocacy leads to greater impact towards content marketing. In this blog post, identify the real reason for why employees aren’t sharing your content.


How to Transform Your Blog Content into Compelling Video

Your potential customers are busy with the fast moving world. They often have limited time in viewing and responding to contents. This is where compelling video content can help you attract potential customers with low attention span. In this blog post from Hubspot, learn how to transform your blog content into compelling video and share its social media channels.


5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid to Earn More Links

You might come across many guides and articles that content marketing help websites to earn hundreds of high authority links. After spending few days in crafting a high-quality article and outreach the content, you end up seeing the poor result. When you take a look at the reality, more than 50% of content marketing campaigns fail. In this blog post, you will find out the common mistakes that prevent you from acquiring more links.


Are You Ready To Hire Quality for Your Content Team?

Content marketing requires consistency and discipline to be successful. Many companies are hiring more and more people to do content marketing for them. But only a few of them are successful in implementing content marketing strategies. You need quality over quantity for content marketing. In this article, learn how to hire the right content writer for your content team.


What Does Jason Bourne Have to Do with Your Content Marketing?

Movies can teach you so many things about marketing. Movies often help you in expanding your brand story. In this article Kristina Paider from Convince and Convert explains on how Jason Bourne franchise related to content marketing.


4 Reasons You Should Create Long-Form Blog Content

Small businesses with low marketing budget often struggle in ranking individual blog posts on search engines. There are many articles encourage businesses to develop long-form content to dominate the SERPs. In this blog post, discover the real reasons for creating long-form blog contents.


Will AI Eventually Take Over the Content Marketing Industry?

Automated solution is being favored by marketers to improve their productivity level. And in most situation, automation provided positive results. However, it’s debatable whether artificial intelligence can take over the content marketing industry. In this article, Jason DeMers explains the possibilities of more robust automated marketing platforms to surface in near future.


Why is Content Marketing Going Hollywood?

Did you realize that movies released nowadays look more of a brand than a movie? It has become a necessity for production companies to initiate brand storytelling to satisfy consumers demand. In this article, learn the exact reasons why content marketing is going Hollywood.


This Week in Content Marketing: In 10 Years, Content Marketing Will Just Be Marketing

We can’t miss out the weekly content marketing episodes by Content Marketing Institute (CMI). In this week’s episode, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose Discuss how content marketing will be just marketing in the next 10 years.


5 Tips to Rebuild Your Content Strategy from Scratch

High-quality content is the key factor for any success marketing campaign. Although more than 75% marketers increased the budget for content marketing, getting the right content strategy in place is not an easy task. Anything can go wrong. If there are small issues which can be fixed quickly, there would not be any problem with the content strategy. Imagine your potential customers are leaving your email list. This is where you need to rebuild your entire content strategy. In this blog post, absorb the important tips to rebuild your content strategy from scratch.


Did you enjoy reading the top articles on the content marketing of the past week?

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Naven Pillai
Naven Pillai
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  1. A great way to learn more about your audience is by not only developing buyer personas, but also reader personas. Not all of your readers are going to be your buyers.
    However, the topics within your blog should depend on the goals you want to achieve. For most companies, they see their blog as an opportunity to educate and nurture prospects and hopefully pushing them down the sales funnel.

    • I have to agree with you Chandarpartap. However, I’ve encountered blogs that don’t make hard selling and focus solely on providing educational materials for their audience. At, it is my personal blog focusing on providing as much value possible for my readers to improve their knowledge about digital marketing.

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