Naven Pillai’s Weekly SEO Roundup #1

A Guide to SEO for Restaurants in Malaysia
May 7, 2017
Naven Pillai’s Weekly Email Marketing Roundup #1
May 23, 2017

It’s been weeks since I wrote a blog post for I’ve decided to get serious about blogging.

Rather than talking about same things about digital marketing, again and again, I’ve decided to do the weekly roundup on SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Email Marketing.

I will start off with the first weekly roundup on SEO. Make sure to subscribe to my email list to receive latest updates on digital marketing.


5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Higher Search Engine Rankings

Most business owners know that SEO is one of the best ways to generate high quality leads to their website. However, these business owners often fail in developing the right strategies to improve the user experience with content. Check out the top five ways you can use today to increase your website’s search engine rankings.


How to Reuse Old Content to Boost Your SEO and Keep Your Audience Engaged

Publishing content online has become more competitive now with millions of blog posts published every single day. One of the best solutions is to reuse and repurpose existing content. Learn how you can repurpose your old content to increase search engine exposure while keeping your audience engaged.


How to Conduct Quick & Thorough Page Speed Audits

Page speed is essential as Google look at it as one of the important ranking factors. Moreover, you don’t want your visitors to leave your website due to slow loading. Learn how to conduct speed audit for your websites with this guide written by Wells Yu. Make sure to follow the step-by-step guide to speed up your pages.


39 Essential Google Search Operators Every SEO Ought to Know

The fundamentals of SEO matter the most. You need to get the basics right so that the learning process goes smoothly. Most SEOs are good with the latest algorithm updates for Google search engine, but only a few knows how to use Google to its full potential. Search operators will help reduce time in searching for specific results. Learn what are search operators and how to use them in your day-to-day work.

SEO For Photos, Visuals, and Graphics – How to Rank in Google Image Search

Many people are asking whether it is worthwhile to perform Image Search SEO. According to Jumpshot, about a third of all the searches performed on Google are performed in Google Image. Take a look at this Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin on how to optimize images to rank in Google Image Search.


Google Advertisers can now see historical Quality Score data in AdWords

There were recent changes in Google AdWords where the Quality Score of ads where it can be viewed without hovering over individual keywords. Learn more about the changes of Quality Score data from this blog post.


How to Stay Ahead of the Trend in SEO

SEO keeps evolving when there are changes in search engine algorithms. It is important for business owners to be aware of what works and what doesn’t to devise strategic SEO plans.


Using SEMrush to Track SEO in Multiple Cities

Businesses with stores in multiple locations want to serve a larger area. They want to be found by potential customers in more than one locations. SEMrush has updated its functionality by adding the multi-targeting feature with their Position tracking tool where you can track multiple locations within a single project.


Unwrapping the Secrets of SEO: Getting Ranked into An Answer Box

Did you realize the instant answer box when you search for specific terms on Google search engine? With the increasing competition, everyone wants to get featured on the sweet spot.  Learn how you can get ranked high into the answer box.


SEO Books Every Startup Should Read in 2017

Although there are many exciting blog posts and guides being published online every day, reading a book gives you a different feel. There are hundreds of books being published on SEO. These SEO books are essential for every startup looking to dominate search engines in 2017.


Internal Linking for SEO: Why and How

In order to rank on search engine, your content needs links. To establish the right website structure, you need to perform internal linking between pages within your website. Learn why and how internal linking will help you boost your search ranking.


SEO Tutorial for Beginners in 2017

Are you looking for a beginner’s guide to SEO in 2017? Check out this in-depth guide developed by Hobo-web and start dominating the search engines with the right


6 Ways Blogging is Good for SEO

There are so many factors contribute to the growth of SEO. But, blogging is the foundation of any digital marketing strategies including SEO. You need to concentrate on blogging to earn links and mentions. Stop spending your money on media buying and start investing on blogging efforts.


SEO for Beginners: What Retailers Need to Know About Search Optimization

You get developers to create an awesome e-commerce site with easy navigation and features. But it’s not enough to have an e-commerce site alone, you need to get the product information to the target market. Learn SEO for e-commerce sites and understand the fundamentals to optimize for search engines.


6 On-page SEO Mistakes that Marketers are Doing (And how to avoid) in 2017

Every year there will be a group of people keep claiming SEO is dead. But how true is it? Not at all. SEO is still the most powerful online marketing tools in 2017 and for years to come. Take a look at the common SEO mistakes marketers doing and how to avoid them.


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Naven Pillai
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