Naven Pillai’s Weekly SEO Roundup #2

Naven Pillai’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup #1
May 26, 2017

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Hope all of you had a great weekend. Did you have the chance to read digital marketing roundups published last week? If you didn’t, check them out here:

Naven Pillai’s Weekly SEO Roundup #1

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Naven Pillai’s Weekly Content Marketing Roundup #1


It has been a week since I started with weekly roundups on different digital marketing techniques.

Let’s move on to the 2nd weekly SEO roundup which covers top articles related to Search Engine Optimization from the past week.


3 Key SEO Trends for 2017

There are hundreds of trends for SEO in 2017. Sometimes you can’t focus on all hundred trends. These important SEO trends are essential in improving your SERPs. In this blog post, you will discover the top three SEO trends for 2017 and how to implement them to your existing SEO strategy.


The Insanely Powerful 2017 SEO Checklist

You need a powerful implementable SEO checklist when you start a new site. There are a number of important On-page and off-page SEO tasks need to be performed to stay competitive on search engines. In this checklist, you will find 26 tasks that will help you kick start your SEO efforts.


SEO Mistakes That’ll Make Google Hate Your Site

SEO still remains as one of the best online marketing strategies. The SEO industry worth billions today.  With the right SEO strategies, you can easily drive targeted traffic to your website hence increasing your sales. However, there are common SEO mistakes that can easily damage your search engine presence. In this article, you can learn how to avoid common SEO mistakes and make Google love your site.


Site Structure and SEO

How important is site structure for SEO? I’ve written an article about the relationship between site structure and SEO at Exposureville. In this article from Business2community, you can learn the importance of site structure and how it affects SEO.


Discover the Link Building Strategy That Is Responsible For These Incredible Results

Link building is crucial for SEO success. The way you build link for websites has changed over time. With the robust algorithm updates, it is important to use the right link building strategies to avoid your website from getting penalized. In this tutorial, Matthew Woodward will reveal the critical link building strategies used to rank sites for competitive niches.


SEO for eCommerce: Basics for Getting Results

When you want to be successful at something, you need to get the basics done. You can’t jump to the next level without accomplishing the basics. Same goes to SEO for eCommerce. It will be easier to move towards advanced SEO strategies when you get the fundamentals in place. In this blog post, discover the basics of SEO that will help you get organic results.


How to Carry Out an SEO Health Check

Have you ever thought of how healthy is your site’s SEO? You need to perform a routine check on some of the SEO elements to make sure the site is healthy in the eyes of search engines. In this article, you will get to know ten different aspects of your website that contributes to the search engine’s online presence and how to tweak them.


Should SEOs Care About Internal Links

Internal links are indispensable on-page SEO element. You need to get them right or it might create a negative impact in terms of SEO. Rand Fishkin discusses the impact of internal links, the difference between internal and external links, link structures and more. He also added 18 tips about internal links in last week’s Whiteboard Friday.


A Reminder about Links in Large-scale article campaigns

An official article by Google Webmaster Team. They made a reminder for website owners publishing articles containing spammy links as sponsored posts. A simple guide has been added to this article to remind people on the factors that violate Google’s guideline. Make sure to read this article to avoid your websites from getting penalized.


Tech Talk: Breaking down SEO for Small Business Owners

Do you need an SEO agency to boost your online presence on the search engine? Although small business owners can implement SEO strategies by their own, it would not provide expected results. Learn why a small business owner should hire and SEO agency to stand out on the search engines.


SEO and Customer Base Marketing: Deepen Relationship for More Repeat Sales

Although SEO is often seen as the online marketing strategy to increase potential leads to visit a specific website, it can also be used to retain customers and encourage them to make a repetitive purchase. In this article, learn how you can leverage SEO in deepen relationships with customer and change them into a brand loyalist.


Artificial Intelligence is Changing SEO: Get Ahead or Fall Behind

The impact of AI is growing rapidly with no signs of slowing down. Tech companies are utilizing machine learning to come up with algorithms that are human-friendly. This is making digital marketers like you and me scared and excited at the same time. In this content, learn how to adapt to the changes with SEO caused by Artificial Intelligence and go along with them to stay ahead.


How do you find this week’s SEO roundup?

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Naven Pillai
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