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January 14, 2017
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I’m pretty sure you’re always looking for the easiest yet effective tools for your content marketing efforts. However, content marketing requires long processes from coming up with creative ideas to content promotion.

Are you having difficulties going through the whole process?

There are hundreds of tools available for content marketing.

In this article, I will share the top 39 tools that will help you in generating ideas, promoting content and of course make the whole content marketing process easier.

Here are top 39 tools for your content marketing success:

Tools for Content Discovery & Idea generation

Content marketers often run out of ideas. The following idea generation and content discovery tools will help you come up with unique ideas for your next master piece:

  1. Google Trends– Content marketers often make mistake on writing content on backdated or old ideas. Google Trends will help you on finding niche and topics highly searched by online users. Moreover, it also shows the search volume for the most searched phrases and keywords.
  2. Portent– if you become clueless on what topics to write about, search for catchy titles and ideas by typing your preferred keywords on Portent Title Maker.
  3. Buzzsumo– one of my favorite tool that helps finding contents that are actively shared within the social media. It gives you a rough idea on what type of content is going viral on the Internet.
  4. Quick Sprout– you can easily find the most engaging content your competitor developed by typing their URL on the home page of Quick Sprout. You can get tons of new ideas from your competitors.
  5.– one of the popular content discovery tool that emphasizes on online user experience (UX) and engagement. It helps content marketers to find viral content on the Internet to generate unique ideas for content development.
  6. Quora– one of the greatest platform to find for unique ideas. There are hundreds of questions being asked in Quora. It will be great if you can develop interesting contents which answers those questions.
  7. Alltop– website that collects and ranks top blogs and websites around the Internet. You can check blogs within your niche and take a peek on what they are writing about.
  8. Pulse– developed by LinkedIn which acts like a RSS feed. It provides news and updated on recent trends and happenings.
  9. Twitter – 90% people use it as social media tool for content distribution purpose. You can also use it to analyze what type of content being developed and shared within your niche.
  10. Feedly– RSS feeds are still one of the best tool that helps you keep an eye on current happenings within your industry.
  11. Reddit– Although many people out there use Reddit for social media purpose to drive endless traffic, it allows you to be updated with current trends.
  12. Prismatic– All you need to do is just subscribe to any blog related to your niche and get a rough idea on what type of contents are being produced. It will help you generate ideas on the aspects that’s not been covered.

Tools for Content Creation and Production

Some content marketers feel they are not being productive enough with their content development. Even I have that feeling most of the time!

The tools below will help you create content faster and enables you to come up with better content.

The following tools will help you accelerate your content development speed without compromising on the quality.

  1. Wunderlist– Are you a fan of list based content writing? If yes, you should check Wunderlist. It allows you to create list related contents easily without doing extensive research.
  2.– are you bored writing whole day long? For a difference try to create an infographic which is not expensive. will create outstanding infographic upon your idea for an affordable price.
  3. UberFlip–sometimes, you might think of creating PDFs or eBooks to be shared on your blog. UberFlip will be the best tool for this and it also allows you to check how popular your content is.
  4. Shareist– it helps the whole content marketing process. It helps you on capturing important information around the web. The tool has been a great addition for small and medium businesses.
  5. Piktochart– Although it is similar to in creating infographics, still it allows you to create data driven content with a simple drag-and-drop tools.
  6. Pixelmator– Image editing tool is a must have tool for a content marketers. Pixelmator is similar to Adobe Photoshop which I feel to be one of the content marketing friendly image editor.
  7. Cloudup– Are you still using your WordPress media storage to store and share your images? Cloudup is a great application which allows you to share images without relying on WordPress media storage.
  8. Editorial Calendar– most of the content marketers are inconsistent with their content publishing. With Editorial Calendar, you will understand how often the content needs to be published and the benefits you will gain with consistent publishing.
  9. Polldaddy– it helps you to make your content more interactive with surveys and quizzes. You can get feedback from your visitors or potential customers with survey questions.
  10. TinyMCE– Do you often make grammatical mistakes with your contents? TinyMCE will make sure no grammatical or spelling errors made.

Tools for Content Promotion and Content Optimization

Most of the content do not put any efforts promoting their content upon publishing. If you’re one of them, you’ll be missing thousands of visitors. The following tools will help you promote you content to your target market.

  1. Yoast SEO– In order to get your contents ranked on Search Engines, you need to optimize it for your users and also the search engines. If you’re using WordPress CMS, Yoast Plugin can ease your work.
  2. Outbrain– if you’re keen in generating more traffic, Outbrain can help you in amplifying your content. You can drive thousands of visitors with few cents per click.
  3. Google Blog Search– Google Blog Search allows you to find high quality blogs within your niche. Read their content and provide them with useful and highly informative comments. This will help you to drive traffic back to your website and grow your readership.
  4. Taboola– it is similar to Outbrain but currently recognized as one of the leading content discovery platform. Taboola allows any brand to drive great amount of traffic and increases the social exposure.
  5. BuzzStream–  a popular tool used by many industry leaders to create buzz around their contents. BuzzStream will help you get your contents to huge crowds.
  6. Pinterest– if you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, I will highly suggest you to utilize Pinterest. Pinterest is the leading image sharing social media platform which helps content marketers to share their content to broader audience.
  7. Slideshare– Convert your content into a remarkable presentation and publish it on Slidershare. Slideshare will drive great amount of traffic and increase your brand awareness.
  8. LinkedIn Groups– if you’re looking for targeted traffic, submit your post to LinkedIn groups. Join groups within your niche with huge number of members. Share your content and watch the referral traffic grow.
  9. Tweriod – Are you sure that your followers got to see your tweets? Tweroid will assist you on finding the right time to tweet for maximum exposure for your contents.
  10. Buffer– Are you wasting your time sharing your content one by one on social media networks? Buffer allows you to share you content across major social media networks just with one click.
  11. YouTube– Some people love to watch videos and listen to audios rather than skimming through articles. Convert your content into a video presentation and share it on major video share it on Youtube.
  12. Aweber– getting your content to your subscriber’s inbox will be a great way in increasing your overall the traffic. Aweber allows you to notify your loyal readers with an email when you publish a new content.
  13. Hootsuite– it allows you to schedule your social media posts across various social networks.
  14. Facebook (ads)– If you’re looking for maximum exposure, Facebook should be your one and only choice. Facebook ads are worth to be spent as you will definitely get good exposure and traffic.
  15. Stumbleupon– is another platform with millions of users hungry for unique contents. Share you content on Stumbleupon and watch your social traffic grow overtime.
  16. Disqus– it is a discussion platform that helps content marketers to engage readers with comments to build loyal readership.
  17. nRelate– it allows content marketers to find an easier way to reach their target audience and grow their reader base from websites all around the internet.

Content marketing is a great way to get your brand to the target market. Using these tools will help you get more effective with the whole content marketing efforts.

The tools listed above are the ones I have personally used to accelerate my content marketing process.

If you have other content marketing tools in mind which is worth a try, please share them with us by commenting below.


Naven Pillai
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