Hi there, my name is Naven Pillai. I’m a data-oriented digital marketer with more than 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Currently, I’m the digital marketing project manager at Magnes Marketing.

My digital marketing career started as a website flipper. I started out flipping websites when I was 20. I gained digital marketing knowledge to drive traffic to the sites I built. Since then, I educated myself with various aspects of digital marketing and I fell in love with SEO. I’ve worked with numerous Malaysian companies and global brands within an agency and consulted various small-medium businesses.

I manage two other websites;
Remotejobs.asia – Remote jobs curation site
Polpala Tea – 100% Natural Organic Tea that helps in kidney nourishment

What I love doing online?

I love helping small-medium businesses and startups to increase their organic search engine traffic.

I just love data. I get excited working on analytic tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Clicky.

Small-medium businesses are the economic driving force of Malaysia, and I want to help them grow online.

Transparency is the key to online marketing success for any business.

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