Ranked 40+ keywords on First Page of Google For A Dental Clinic in Auckland

The project was partially outsourced to me in performing SEO Audit with Action Plan to increase search traffic for Smile Dental in Auckland.


In New Zealand, the dental industry is highly competitive with a huge number of dental practitioners opening their own dental clinics. Smile Dental was established in 1996 and part of New Zealand’s largest privately owned dental enterprise. Currently, they own more than 13 branches in Auckland. They wanted to dominate the search platform and increase the number of dental appointments.

One of the digital marketing agencies they hired (I can’t include their name here) approached me to perform
SEO Audit for their site and provide suggestion on improving their search visibility.


Their website was ranking for almost 10+ keywords on Google but not driving expected organic traffic to their site. Moreover, the conversion was extremely low.


I performed SEO Audit for their website including Technical SEO, Keyword Research and Analysis, and site content audit. I found out that the site architecture was not organized and most of their service pages had thin contents.

Upon performing the SEO Audit, I developed an action plan for 6 months. As the digital marketing agency had enough resources to handle the implementation part, I just leave it to them to handle to rest of the work.


After 6 months of consistent implementation of SEO strategies, the digital marketing agency sent me a report on what they achieved with my action plan.

  • Able to rank for 40+ keywords related to dental services in Auckland on the first page of Google New Zealand.
  • Increase in organic traffic from 1,200 per month to 4,920 per month. 410% increase in organic traffic.
  • The conversion rate increased from 2.45% to 7.8% which brings them 350+ dental service enquiries per month.