Freelance SEO Consultant

I’m Naven Pillai, one of Malaysia’s most experienced freelance SEO consultants. I’m an acknowledged SEO expert and have helped various businesses increase their organic search traffic and grow revenue. My experience, knowledge and skills will help your business do the same.

I’ve worked as a freelance SEO specialist since 2012 and it is one of the most exciting careers I could ever imagine. I just love getting results! Before getting into SEO, I used to develop niche websites, monetize them and flip them for at least five figures. I’ve flipped 13 websites over the years.

As a freelance SEO specialist, I’ve worked with small and medium companies and provided services to digital marketing agencies. I am an SEO consultant with deep technical knowledge and have expertise in all aspects of SEO including On-page and Off-page SEO.

I often get my hands on robots.txt, .htaccess, sitemap.xml, internal linking structure, copywriting and many more. I also do quality link building to improve the authority of the website and SEO strength to rank high on search result pages.

If you want proof of my SEO skills, search Google.com.my for the below keywords and key phrases. This website ranks high on the 1st page for all of them and drives more than 6,000 visitors a month from search engines.

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SEO Consultant Malaysia: Hiring Naven Pillai

This website contains a vast amount of SEO resources that I’ve written based on the SEO experience and knowledge I’ve gained with hands-on SEO research, experiments and implementations. Whilst you can read all my guides and try to implement SEO strategies yourself on your website, it can be hard for business owners with little to no knowledge in SEO.

When you add this fact along with the consistent changes in SEO, it is not surprising for business owners to seek out for “SEO experts” as their best way to move forward in achieving SEO success.

So, here are a few helpful FAQ about my Malaysia SEO consulting services:

What does an SEO consultant offer?
An SEO consultant will provide result-oriented SEO service for client’s business website, which will cover:

  • Research and analyze keywords/phrases
  • Technical SEO audit and optimization
  • Website tracking & reporting
  • Content creation
  • Building authority links


How does Naven Pillai's SEO work?
I have a unique approach towards search engines optimization. I start off by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by looking at:

  • Content strategy
  • Keywords strategy
  • On-page optimization
  • Technical SEO optimization ( accessibility, indexing, compatibility and page loading speed)
  • On-page optimization
  • Backlink profile analysis

Once the above tasks are completed, I will send a complete report of my findings and discuss with you on:

  • Ranking your websites for the right keywords
  • Increasing your overall organic search traffic
  • Build online authority for your website and brand with link building
How much does SEO cost?
Result-oriented white-hat SEO cannot be done cheaply. SEO strategies that I suggest or implement adheres the Google’s Search Engine guidelines. My minimum rate is RM3,000/month and in most cases, it depends on the competitiveness of the industry, type of website, and the level of link building work required.

If you’re serious about hiring an SEO Consultant in Malaysia that has the right expertise in providing value and results for your business, you need to know that it involves a lot of work. SEO consultant charging hundreds or less than RM2,000 won’t be able to justify your ROI.

I combine SEO along with content marketing in driving results for my clients. So, the content developed for your business should meet the requirements of both users and search engines. And it’s not about creating generic content. The content needs to be the best in your industry and that’s how you can attract your visitors and position your brand as an authority.

To be honest, contents that rank on search engines are not cheap. The writer needs to adhere to Google’s Search Quality Raters guideline. And the content also needs to keep the visitors engaged and take desired actions like purchasing products or services.

So, Malaysian SEO services that are cheap are unable to meet the requirements and you’ll end up wasting your money without any results.  


Malaysia SEO Consultant that delivers real results and value

Most of the clients I’ve worked with are familiar with SEO and hired me because their current SEO agency or freelancer failed to deliver the results they need. I provide transparent and realistic feedback on what to expect from SEO. I understand that your website needs to rank on the first page of Google for keywords related to your products and services to make a huge difference to your business. I’m not just an SEO consultant but hands-on SEO expert who can make required changes to your website to dominate search engines.

Over the years, search engine optimization has evolved and requires more than a well-designed website and good content. There are so many other factors that need to be taken into account to rank high on search engines and drive quality search traffic to your website. As an experienced SEO, you can rely on my SEO analysis and stay assured in getting the right results for your business.

Contact me today and let’s discuss how we can work together in taking your business to the next level with effective SEO strategies.