Link Building Services

As of 2020, I’ve added a major digital marketing service:

Link building!

I’m offering link building services in two ways:

As a separate, standalone service where I will build links to your existing contents (including optimizing the contents) and pages if you’ve already created blog contents or want to build links to non-content pages.

As an add-on packaged deal with content creation services where we create eight to ten blog posts per month, optimize them for SEO and pick a few developed contents for link building purpose.

In this service page, I’ll list down:

  1. Why I’ve started offering link building service
  2. How I build links for my clients
  3. How you can take advantage of link building for your website

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Why I’m offering Link Building Service

Over the years, my work focused on creating long-form, SEO-optimized contents for my clients.

Most of the clients I’ve worked with was easier to rank as they already had a strong link profile. But, it was hard for clients with new websites to see results without a powerful link profile.

I focused on identifying errors and refurbish old contents for clients to grow their traffic. If the site started from scratch without the right link building strategies, it takes longer to see results especially the competitive ones.

To give you an example here’s one of my clients that I did not focus on building links and focused on creating high quality contents:

It took almost 6 months to hit 1,800 organic visitors per month (inflection point) purely with high quality content creation.

And here’s another client that I’ve used the combination of content creation and link building:

The growth of organic search traffic was faster, reached 5,450 organic visits per month within 6 months.

You might argue that the growth of organic search traffic depends on other factors like competition and so on. But, it is obvious that you need to do link building to rank as Google considers links to be one of the most crucial ranking factors.

So I’ve decided that now is the best time to add some spice to my digital marketing services. I’ve changed my SEO system to work along with link building campaigns by reducing the number of contents developed and allocating resources for link building strategies.

Even if you have your own in-house content development team, I can offer my link building services.


My Link Building Strategies

Creating high quality content is what makes your site stand out from your competitors. It provides value for your visitors. With the right contents, it is easier to acquire high quality links and that’s how I combine content marketing with link building.

I do not use PBN’s, I don’t purchase links from spammers, and I don’t do guest posting on sites with short and sketch contents.

The Evergreen Content Creation Technique

It is also called the Skyscraper Technique introduced by Brian Dean. One of my favourite technique for my link building strategies. Once you create high quality content which is the best in your industry, you don’t have to worry about building links to it.

The problem with most businesses is that they don’t want to invest in content creation. They feel it’s a waste of time without understanding the long-term results it can offer and how it can also improve their brand awareness.

I have a team of experienced writers with years of experience in creating evergreen contents. My team of writers craft detailed, in-depth, researched and data-backed contents to stand out from the competition.

It makes it easier for us to build link tho these evergreen contents. With our focus on creating outstanding contents, we have the advantage of earning links from other authority sites.

Guest Blogging Link Building ( Doing it The Right Way)

Hiring a freelancer or an agency to provide guest posting links often leads to bad results and reputation. These agencies often write low-quality 500 words content and put on PBN’s or low-quality blogs that just created for link placement purpose.

But, I perform manual outreach to high authority blogs relevant to your niche and create the best content for guest posting. We are not talking about 500 words content here. It will be around 2000-2500 words.

You don’t have to pay a placement fee to get the content published on other sites. I will build a relationship with website owners relevant to your industry and help you acquire high-value links.

It’s a win-win scenario.

Resources Link Building

I also do outreach in getting links to your contents and products listed on existing content around the Internet.

I will compile a huge number of pages around the web which is related to your contents or products and services. I will contact the website owners and request for a link to your site or a specific blog post to be added to their page.

The problem is that not everyone will respond to the request. But, with the advantage of creating the best contents, it will be slightly easier to get accepted once they recognize the quality of the contents published on your website.

This is one of the most effective link building strategies that actually work for the long-run.  Somehow people will want to add your contents to their resources if you’re publishing the best one!

Broken Link Building

This link building strategy is the toughest one because it really takes a lot of hard work to find broken links in authority sites especially relevant to your niche.

But, I have succeeded in finding broken link building opportunities in the past. Actually broken link building works in two ways. The first one, you already created contents and find broken links around the topic of the contents. The second one, you find the broken link and then you create content that can replace it.

Broken link building is one of the best white hat link building method as it helps the site with a broken link to eliminate their broken link by pointing to similar content.

Other White-Hat Methods

There are other common link building strategies I use. But I make sure it’s legitimate and does not bring Google Penalty issues in future. As the search engine market is constantly evolving, I choose to stay relevant and make use of the opportunities that pass by.

Are you looking for the right link building services that will improve your organic rankings and increase organic search traffic?

I’m offering one of the best link building services in Malaysia because I focus on using high quality contents as a catalyst in acquiring high quality links rather than getting involved with link purchases and PBNs.

Whether you’re looking for standalone link building services or a mix of link building and content marketing, get in touch with me by filling out my contact form.

I will get back to you and schedule a call if your site is a good fit.

** Note: I do not offer link building services for gambling and supplement related niches.