How I Acquired Narutoguides.com and Increased Organic Traffic by 5600%


Industry: Online Web Browser Gaming
Services: SEO & Content Marketing
Results: 5600% increase in organic traffic


I enjoyed playing Naruto Online since 2016. I was looking for guides and strategies in improving my gameplay.

Naruto Online Forum was a great place to get strategies and tips for the game. Even there were some awesome YouTube videos that guide you through the game.

However, I was looking for a blog that can provide all the necessary information not only for beginners but also for advanced players. I came across NarutoGuides.com in late 2017 which was developed by a Polish developer and gamer.

The site was not regularly updated and losing huge potential. Although it’s not a big niche that can be easily monetized, it can be a trial project to justify my digital marketing strategies especially SEO.

I bought the site for only $100 initially as it was only getting 100 visitors per month with 10 articles. It was a good bargain though even some might find it to be expensive. Some might even think of starting it from scratch. I was happy with the domain name though Exact Match Domain Name does not add any value to SEO. It was a catchy name and people will definitely remember.


Before starting out I thought it would be relatively easy to rank for search terms like “Naruto guides”, “Naruto online guides”, “Naruto online ninja list” and many more. When you look for their search volumes, they are pretty low and less competitive. I thought it’s going to be a piece of cake to rank for those keywords by writing the best contents on those topics. Little I know, YouTube videos were ranking on top for the keywords. It seriously pain in the ass for me.

If I want to dominate the Naruto Online game niche, I just need to develop contents better than videos. To be frank, visually enriched videos are easier to reach potential visitors compared to articles. But I just took it as a challenge to see to what extent I can dominate the search engine with my site.


I did not concentrate much on keyword research. I wanted to leverage ranking videos on YouTube and come up with content better than the video. I focused on developing content Naruto Online players are eagerly searching for. I created pillar contents where each of those contents is more than 2000 words. These are some of the contents developed:

I also focused on publishing an overview of each ninja characters in the game. There are still 190+ characters I haven’t covered though.

Later on, some of the readers requested me to write on main character guides. I’ve published 5 main character guides which help beginners to understand the fundamentals of each characters and build the right team around them.

I only published 15 guides which cover different aspects of the game. These 15 contents contribute to the 80% organic traffic to the site.

I did not make any major content promotion for this site. I only shared the content on Facebook groups related to Naruto Online game. Some of the keywords has gained search volume due to the published contents.




  • Organic traffic has grown from 107 visits per month to 6,007 visits per month. There is still room for growth, but I’m unable to focus on the site at the moment as I’m engaged with clients and other projects.
  • Ranking on the first page of the search engine for more than 100 keywords.
  • The total average traffic to the site is about 8,500 per month
  • The AdSense earning per month is at $70 (not high due to the niche)