Usedcomputer Malaysia achieves 220% increase in Organic Traffic

Using SEO & Content Marketing Strategies, Usedcomputer Malaysia grew its organic traffic and driving 200+ electronic waste disposal inquiries every month.

Client: Usedcomputer Malaysia
Industry: Environmental Service / Electronic Waste Management
Services: SEO/ Content Marketing
Results: 220% increase in organic traffic &  400% increase in enquiry rate (within 6 months)


In Malaysia, most people do not have the awareness of electronic waste management. Usedcomputer Malaysia is one of the pioneers in the electronic waste management industry. However, they had a problem in reaching people and build awareness of their environmental care services. With an outdated site developed in 2006, they were driving almost 600+ organic traffic per month.


Though Usedcomputer Malaysia was driving organic traffic it was not sufficient. They wanted more organic traffic that leads to more electronic waste disposal inquiries.


I performed a thorough SEO audit for their website and suggested on making overall changes to their website as it was not mobile-friendly, slow and outdated.

I dived deep into their site by

  • Site Quality Analysis (include Technical SEO) – to analyze the technical status of the site and provide recommendations and an action plan to rectify technical SEO issues.
  • Keyword Research – to come up with the right list of keywords that represent their business. Built content calendar in producing high quality content.
  • Content Analysis – to analyze the site’s content and find ranking opportunities. Provided action plan on how to improve existing content to perform better on search engines.
  • Link Analysis – analyze how the site is performing with off-page SEO efforts. Performed research on their link profile and developed an action plan on earning quality links while cleaning up spammy unworthy links.

Upon the initial SEO audit for their site, I provided action plans for implementation. As the company did not have the right person to make those implementations, I worked on implementing the recommendations.

I worked on their SEO initiatives for 6 months.























































  • Reached Google first page rankings for 30+ keywords in 6 months.
  • Organic traffic increased from 800 per month to 1,750 per month. 220% increase in search traffic in 6 months.
  • Electronic waste disposal inquiries increased from 50 per month to 200+ per month. Increase in conversion by 400% in 6 months.